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The team of Computer Support Partners at a training session.

I went into franchising with a vision of the business I wanted to create. I wanted to develop an automated system that could stand on its own and one that could help business owners – both experienced and rookies – reinvent their strategies and systemise their processes. So they could ultimately work smarter, not harder, and multiply their profits while slashing the number of hours they worked.

I wanted to build a cookie-cutter, production line type of operation based on the MacDonald’s or KFC approach. So business owners knew why they needed the system and were, therefore, keen to follow this proven method.

This business had to be in a fast-growing industry. But I didn’t want to be in food. Why? Just about every corner already had a fast food business or a chain of restaurants fighting to grab their customer’s attention.

But the computer repair and servicing sector was a fast-growing industry, and an astounding five out of every seven households owned three to seven computers each. This provided a huge market opportunity for our business model.

The Wollongong Service Center, N.S.W Australia

I spent half-a-million dollars and five years treading water, so you don’t have to!

Traditionally, computer businesses have been operated by computer nerds who characteristically have no confidence when dealing with customers. These were introverts with no people skills who were willing to do just about anything to avoid dealing with the public. As a result, customers felt awkward and intimidated during interactions. Worse yet, those technicians failed to follow any sort of marketing or sales system. So they were challenged when attracting new customers.

This was PC Masters the business we created for the Nerds. They stood out as Computer Technicians and yet found it very hard to do marketing


In our discussions, those computer technicians told me that they were following the system, and yet they were at home or in the workshop waiting for the phone to ring. They simply weren’t out marketing at all. They wanted to hide in the back room and repair computers.

Were I not out pounding the streets, knocking on doors or chasing business, those very technicians would starve. Yet their skills were undeniable. I wanted to help them become successful business owners.

Still PC Masters Franchisees. We had motor bikes running around Sydney N.S.W Australia.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I wasted five years trying to teach computer technicians how to become business owners. This was the biggest mistake of my life. And, as you continue to read, you’ll see that, while I learned the biggest lesson of my life, I was still so completely oblivious to it all.

I’m sure you’ve spent time with a computer technician somewhere in your life and you know exactly what I‘m talking about. They’re great around computers. Yet they don’t know how to talk to customers and, when they do, they talk in another language.

We reinvented and franchised computer technical support.

Discover the tried-and-true service centre solution!

What did I discover in those five years? I learned that two highly successful businesses were being managed correctly and were earning solid revenue.

  • They were also far ahead of their competitors.
  • They knew how to build a relationship.
  • How to follow-up.
  • How to market to their local community.
  • Most importantly, they knew how to sell!

The penny finally dropped for me. It had been staring me in the face all along, and I didn’t – or couldn’t – see it. Both businesses employed computer technicians, and both owners managed their day-to-day businesses. This was the missing ingredient.

Computer Support Partners has been designed with the entrepreneur in mind. This is someone able to build a business in a fast-growing industry – an industry that will be around for at least two decades or more.

The only thing I needed to do was develop and implement real systems for the entrepreneur to use and build a business that employed technicians to repair the computers. We also needed to train the entrepreneur in computer terminology, the lingo.

Thai Lim our Liverpool franchisee at the front of his shop and his onsite service unit vehicle. Liverpool, N.S.W Australia.

We then developed software that gave the business owner the ability to repair 50 to 80 percent of all computers that came in for repair without the use of computer technicians, which greatly improved their productivity.

Three-and-a-half years later, the entire system has become a proven, tried-and-true job management solution complete with detailed procedures and additional software systems that allow our service centres to repair up to 400 to 1,200 computers every month. Have we reached 1200  computers a month? No, yet the system has the ability to do this.

The key element we’ve learned is that, on average, a customer provides $100.00 in gross profit for us during each and every visit. You do the maths, that is 400 times $100.00

At each franchised site, we aim to repair a minimum of 200 to 400 computers per month on a capped pricing basis, with the ability to repair many more without ever increasing overhead. We have 3 priority price points for the customer to choose from depending how urgent the job is, the $49 is for a priority 3 service for which is a 5 day turn around, we have a priority 1 service which is a same day service or within 24 hours price for where we put a technician onto the job immediately.

Less Risk. More Reward.

Become a Computer Support Partner. We’re excited to expand the Computer Support Partners system to like-minded entrepreneurs who would like to share in our vision, people who are prepared to follow a tested and proven system, and leaders who’ll do what it takes to achieve success. We’re looking for business-minded professionals to join us. Launch and run your own exciting business. There’s no technical experience necessary.

Peter Irvine to the far right is the founder of Gloria Jeans Coffee Stores and has been training the team, he also has been mentoring John Burns the Founder of Computer Support Partners.


The team of Computer Support Partners at a training session.

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